Saturday, 16 April 2016

Yet another blahhh day.

Today my youngest Son and his Girlfriend split up.  What makes it worse is that she has actually lived here with us for the past 18 months.  For now, she's still here, waiting for a transfer for work back to her home town.  Not really sure how long I can put up with this.  Will just monitor my Son I think and see how all this affects the rest of the Family.  Her Dad does live across the other side of town from us so that could possibly be an option until she gets her transfer.  Whilst I understand the reasons for their break up, it's still hard, especially with both of them trying so hard not to show how much it hurts at the moment.  And of course, much as she drives me to distraction, I gonna miss her !!

*EDIT* 16th June - They have actually Made up and Broken up again, many times since writing this.  As of now they are back together !!!!

On a positive, I finished my dewdrops on leaves today .... 

And started the berries, the one class I have been absolutely dreading lol.  Cherries done and now the dreaded strawberry to tackle tomorrow - wish me luck !!

Onwards and upwards - as Scarlet O'Hara said 'Tomorrows another day'

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