Friday, 15 April 2016

WIP and not so nice 'Stuffs' !!!

Not very much achieved today, still in a dull funk from this horrendous week !!!  So hard to believe that it's now 35 years since you passed Dad.  I miss you and, I miss what you have missed by not being here with us.

On a more positive note, it's good to see my hubs looking like the weight of the World has been lifted from him since leaving Whites and subcontracting again for CPS.  At least now we know we will be paid what we invoice, we won't have to fight it out over an unpaid invoice any more !!!!  If there is a mistake it will be questioned and sorted either, before the payment goes through (halleluja !!) or the invoice will be paid in full and then errors will be corrected by either party.  No more weeks being paid less than half of our invoice because of an admin error ... Goodbye to feeling like we're wading through custard ! -  Happy Days :D

And for my WIP.  I've sort of lost heart over the past week, not wanting to colour at all.  Tonight I made myself sit down and do something.  A lesson started from The Elements of Nature Class at Kit and Clowder  I added another green into the mixture, it just didn't sit right for me before.  I added Apple Green inbetween the Grass Green and Limepeel, for me, this mixture works :D 

Digi stamp from Kit and Clowder
Check out the class for the details :D

Really pleased with how it has turned out so far and looking forward to finishing the other leaf tomorrow.  Have also printed out another 3 classes AND 8 digi stamps all ready to colour - WOOT, go me ... hahahaha

Off to bed in a bit as it's getting close to 2am ... Oops !!!  Ni Night all xxx

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