Monday, 11 April 2016

Hmmmm Got sidetracked on Colouring because I had my oven professionally cleaned last week,  All of a sudden I can cook again without everything tasting burned.  Once again I can cook cakes that actually rise !!!

Woohoo - Go Me !!!

Cherry cakes, miniature victoria sponge's and coffee and walnut mini loaves :D  24 hours later - almost all gone !!!!

And now onto my colouring ... hahaha

My challenge was ... the strawberry, cherries and blueberries from Kit and Clowder.  Ermmm I didn't get around to this.  Saturday was an all out bake day ... the above is just a small portion of my actual bake out.  Sunday, it was cold but, dry.  Hubs decided it was a day to work on the garden ... arghhhhh.  I had no choice, I had to protect my poor spottylicious dalmatian from that horrendous strimmer and then mower as hubs cut the grass (first time this year !!!) Poor baby was terrified ... hahaha !!

I DID get to colour some this evening though, got to complete the 'Tulip' Class.  Not sure I am happy with the result, the leaves could do with a lot more blending !!!!

Coloured with Prismacolor Premier Pencils
Technique learned from Kit and Clowder Elements of Nature Online Classes
Digi from Kit and Clowder Elements of Nature Online Classes

Check out the class for the details :D

Paul did take me out today though and bought me a new 'Daylight' lamp which is awesomeness .. it also has a magnifier, I don't need the magnifier just yet but, my eyes get tired when i'm tired so it will come in very, very handy maybe tomorrow or the next day :D 

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