Friday, 22 April 2016


Wondering when things are going to start to go right for us.  Mum was rushed into hospital on Tuesday and will be there until probably the middle of next week.  Initially she was being treated for an ongoing chest infection, now they are saying it's that plus, the MS causing other problems.

The doctor she saw today was an absolute asshole and she phoned me really upset once he'd left.  He told her that all her problems were down to her smoking (she gave up smoking 20+ years ago !!), completely dismissed the MS, saying that he knew nothing about that and then told her she had a digestion problem ... WTF !!!!!!!

To cut an extremely long story short, she can only manage a diet for the moment, of soft foods. Anything hard that she eats, her body doesn't digest and it makes its way back up the food pipe and rests above her lungs, decreasing her lung capacity.  It then seeps back down into her stomach and so on slowly.  It could possibly be the root of her breathing problems AND her eating problems.  I am annoyed that despite copious GP visits over the past year, she has never been sent up to the hospital for further tests. 

AND ... for a doctor to stand there and say he knows nothing about a debilitating disease that she has had for almost 50 years, I am totally disgusted and wondering why he was assigned to her in the first place !!!!

Then I ring her sister tonight to let her know Mum is in hospital, only to find out that Diane is recovering from a nasty fall herself.  Diane had a stroke about 15 years ago which left her paralysed from the waist down.  My Uncle (her Husband) died last June so she lives alone in a Huge house just outside of London.  They had no children together but, she does have 2 step children from Michaels first marriage.  Well actually I may as well stick with the no children part as neither of them bother much with Diane.  I have told her that we will go up there once Mynm is on the mend but, as she lives so far away this is not going to be anytime soon.


Well, that was my day lol !!!!

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