Wednesday, 16 March 2016

New Monthly Project

Well, got my new lesson from Kit and Clowder today. I have started it already but, I have used different pencils.  Normally I use my Prismacolor pencils, but today I decided to try out my Spectrum Noir pencils.  Hmmmm don't like them at all, even though they were the first set of pencils I bought !!   I WILL try them one more time with a heavier 'toothed' paper.  Not feeling confident though.  I am unsure as to whether to continue this with my SN's or plough ahead with my tried and tested favourite Prisma's .... Oh decisions !!!!

Whilst I'm happy with the way the tree has turned out, I had to use paper stumps AND blending solution to get it to this stage.  I NEVER use blending solution with my Prisma's.

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