Wednesday, 30 March 2016

2 more cards to add and a new class joined LOL.  It's all go in my life ... NOT !!!

Coloured with Prismacolor Premier Pencils
Technique learned from Kit and Clowder Elements of Nature Online Classes
Digi from Julia Spiri

Roof, Large - Crimson Lake. Crimson Red, Scarlet Lake, Permanent Red,
Poppy Red, Carmine Red
Roof, Small - Scarlet Lake, Permanent Red, Poppy Red, Carmine Red
Spots - Ginger Rood, Eggshell, White
Underside of Roof - Goldenrod, Ginger Root, Eggshell, White
House - Pumpkin Orange, \mineral Orange, Goldenrod, Yellow Ochre, Sand,
Eggshell, White
Door and Shutters - Terracotta, Burnt Ochre
Window Frames - Chocolate
Window Glass - Jasmine, Canary Yellow, Cream
Grass - Artichoke

Papers and Card from Hobbycraft and stash
Embellishments from Live and Love Crafts and stash

Coloured with Prismacolor Premier Pencils
Technique learned from Kit and Clowder Skin and Hair Online Classes
Digi from DigistampAtelier

Skin - White, Eggshell, Light Peach, Peach, Burnt Ochre
Hair - White, Eggshell, Ginger Root, Light Umber
Eyes - Yellow Chartreuse, Mineral Orange, White
Lips - Magenta, Deco Pink
Fish - Aquamarine, Non Photo Blue, Light Aqua, Light Green, Pale Sage
(Blended out with Grey Green Light and Yellow Chartreuse)
Scales and Flowers - Golden Rod, Sand, Jasmine, Deco Yellow
Water - True Blue, Non Photo Blue, Light Aqua

Papers, Embellishments and Card from Hobbycraft and stash

Joined a new class at Kit and Clowder. It's the Elements of Nature Class and I have to admit, it's one of the best classes i've ever taken. I have learned so much.

I'm also trying out a new cardstock for colouring.  The first one I tried out for pencils, when I first got them, I got on ebay and was 300 gsm !!!  Waaaaay too 'toothy'  Then I dropped to 250gsm from a pad I bought in Hobbycraft.  That also was too 'toothy' not quite so much work as the 300 but still requiring lots and lots of layers and then going blotchy when overworked (which was easily done).

 Over the Easter weekend, I opted out of Easter Eggs - don't like chocolate anyway, then got the hubs to take me to Hobbycraft to get lots of new goodies.  WOOT :D

Picked up a new pad of lighter drawing cardstock - 190gsm and I love it, I think I could even drop to 160 with my Prismacolor pencils and it would still work.

I have gone from 4 days to complete ONE Image to - 2 nights to complete 4 that I am totally thrilled with :)  

All stamps are included with the Elements of Nature Class at Kit and Clowder

I am so proud of myself, for real !!!!  The Starburst Lily was a pencil class, which of course was easy to follow, the other 3 were Copic Marker classes which I had to convert, via a lesson  included in the classes.  The most difficult was the daffodil as it is all coloured with 'flicks'.  Flicks are easy to do with a Marker, not so with a pencil, but, by adding additional colours I was able to make it look ok, well, maybe more than ok.  May have taken me EON's to finish, but finish it I did :D

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