Thursday, 20 October 2016

October Monthly Class

Woohoo, am done with my Markers Monthly Class from Kit and Clowder

I have learned so much from this class and will definitely be using these
techniques in other projects :D

If anyone out there has looked and thought 'Oh I don't know, I'm just a beginner'
Then bite the bullet and try one.
There are separate ones for Markers and Pencils and they are taught in
such a way that it matters not if you are beginner or advanced.  You 
WILL be able to do these.

The photography is not good as I took this with my phone at 11.30pm !

Coloured with Copic Markers
Image from Ching Chou Kuik

This will be framed and given to my Grand Daughter as a 
Halloween Gift.  Next is the Pencil class which will be for my
other Grandaughter.

Seriously, check out the classes HERE

Have a good Night/Day wherever you are in the World :D xx

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