Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Copics !!!

Despite coveting these bad boys since I started colouring, they have actually been the bane of my life hahahaha.  I have finally (I think) learned the concept of blending with them but, as they are mostly all, brand new, the problems with juicyness is beyond belief.  I do uncap both ends and leave them sit for up to 10 mins, then continue to use them uncapped as I work.  The 'Sketch' especially take a long time to settle down.  Skin I am happy with right now because, I use the same 5 markers and they have more than settled.  Hair is still hit and miss and clothes ... Oh My Days ... lmao ...   Still, I'm loving learning them and have a new batch due to arrive tomorrow ... these should help me get through the Nature Class over at Kit and Clowder for a 2nd time.  I thoroughly enjoyed it with my pencils.  Anyways, here are my latest two stamps.

Coloured with Copic Markers
Stamp from TiddlyInks

Hair - E53, E43, E57
Skin, Hair and Clothing from Kit and Clowder Skin and Hair Class and Clothing Class

Coloured with Copic Markers
Digi Stamp from Saturated Canary

Hair - E41, E43, E44, E47, E49
Bunny - E47, E44, E43, E42, Blender Pen
Skin, and Clothing from Kit and Clowder Skin and Hair Class and Clothing Class


  1. HOly Moly I luv your pleats. WOW Fantastic. the depth in the skirt is just like WOW!!! Did you learn this from kit and clowder classes?

    1. Hi Marji, you are so sweet. Yes I did learn from the Clothing Class at Kit and Clowder. Most of everything I know about colouring I learned there xx